Letter to Stefan Żółkiewski written in 23.12.1965 (b)

Prof. Roman Ingarden
Cracow, Biskupia 14                      c              c        Cracow, 23 December 1965

Dr Stefan Żółkiewski
Secretary, First Department
Polish Academy of Sciences


Most Honoured Professor,

recently I received, from the Philosophical Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, an invitation to participate in a Congress devoted to the topic of ‘Phenomenology and Marxism’, which is to take place in Sarajevo on 18–23 April 1966. I enclose the original invitation. In principle, I’d be inclined to accept, provided my health permits me to take part in this Congress. I’m taking the liberty of turning to you with a polite request to consider this matter and to possibly refer it to the Office of Foreign Co-Operation in order to obtain a passport for me for a trip to Yugoslavia – on the way back I might be able to go to Prague and deliver the lecture which, due to illness, I was unable to deliver this autumn – and to cover the expenses of the trip from Warsaw to Yugoslavia and back (the stay in Yugoslavia and, it would seem, the way from the border of Yugoslavia to the Sarajevo Phil. Soc. in Sarajevo).
    c       Because I’d have to send a summary of my potential paper by mid-February, I’d be grateful to you for graciously informing me concerning the potential for realising this trip.
    c       I enclose expressions of genuine esteem and respect

(Roman Ingarden, senior)