Letter from Stefan Żółkiewski written in 12.07.1962

     v          INSTITUTE                                 v     v           v                         Warsaw, 12 July 1962
 v OF LITERARY RESEARCH                 v                                              v    Nowy Świat 72

No. SD/9117/2945/62



     v           v      Most Honoured Professor

     v      I have the honour of sending hereby 21 offprints of your paper, published in the volume of materials of the first international conference of Poetics, which took place in 1960 in Warsaw.
     v      At the same time, I politely inform you that, in accordance with a decision of the above-mentioned conference, a meeting was held in Jabłonna near Warsaw (autumn 1961) of academic workers interested in statistical methods in poetics as well as, partially, in the issues of the linguistic description of folklore forms. We will be able to send materials from this 1961 meeting, which involved a small group, this year.
     v      Given this opportunity, we would like to emphasise that our intention is that the meetings to date in Poland should become the basis for establishing an international organisation for regular collaboration in the field of linguistically-oriented poetics.
     v      In sending you these materials and words of gratitude for your participation in our work to date, we look forward to your suggestions concerning continued collaboration.

     v      I enclose expressions of genuine respect

On behalf of the Organising Committee
     v        XXX Kazimierz Wyka
    v  (Prof. Dr Stefan Żółkiewski)