Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 10.05.1963

Cracow, 10 May 63

Dear Władysław,

                       thank you for your card with the news about Prof. Guy. Events are beginning to unfold rather disadvantageously, since, if his arrival in Cracow is supposed to be postponed by a week, I won’t be there, because on 31 May and 1 June I intend to go to Toruń with lectures. Maybe you’ll be there too, so we can see each other there.

            I couldn’t go to the PAN meeting (Phil. Institute) on 24 April because I had Gołaszewska’s habilitation that day. Nor am I going to the meeting next week, because here in Cracow there’s supposed to be a Session on the history of logic and a lecture by Czeżowski on 17 and 18 May. So rarely am I able to take part in any kind of sensible proceedings at the Polish Academy of Sciences that it’s difficult for me to give up academic meetings in favour of boring and generally fruitless administrative meetings, where in any case everything’s been decided in advance.

            I also very much wanted to talk with you and Morawski concerning [O1] the General Assembly of the Aesthetic Section, which, going as far back as last autumn, couldn’t be held due to the absence of part of the Presidium. Would you be prepared to take part in such a meeting in Cracow around 15 June, provided that there are several academic lectures, and not just administration[O2] ? Would you be ready to deliver a lecture ‒ and I’d be grateful if you’d be so gracious as to call Morawski [O3] as to whether he’d undertake that, i.e. to come and deliver a lecture. We’d [O4] put together something from our Cracow forces as well. The meetings could[O5]  be held, for example, on 14 and 15 June.

                       Please let me know about this. I send cordial greetings and regards





[O1]Oryg: do do [??]
[O2]oryg: odministracja
[O3]oryg: morawskiego [mała litera m]
[O4]oryg: byćmy chyba byśmy
[O5]oryg: mogłyby by być chyba mogłyby być