Letter from Jan Legowicz written 07.03.1964

HIGHER EDUCATION LIFE                        c                                        Warsaw, 3/7/1964
      c      MONTHLY
      c   Editorial Office:
Warsaw, Nowy Świat 49                      c                              Honorable Sir
      c     tel.: 6-45-82                                          c                  Prof. Roman Ingarden, PhD
    c                                            c                c                                          Krakow
    c                                            c                c                                       Biskupia St. 14

L. dz.


Honorable Professor!

  c           Thank you very much for the report on the presentations given at the Krakow Branch of the Polish Philosophical Society on the history of philosophy at the Jagiellonian University held in connection with the 600th anniversary of said University.
  c           I have already submitted the report for editing and it will be part of the jubilee issue.

Please accept my deepest respect
  c           and sincere devotion

  c        Editor in Chief
  c          Jan Legowicz
/ Prof. Jan Legowicz, PhD /