Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 12.03.1935

12/III 1935

Honoured and Dear Professor:

Thank you very much Professor for the piece which I devoured like a hungry wolf.  It is my impression that you have eaten those Vienna devils with their hooves, whom I have some respect for (for throwing themselves against a perpendicular wall like they mean it, not like our Chwistek),  but whom I hate intellectually. And they were eaten precisely on their own terrain.  This brochure is a classic model of a noble fight – as such it should be an example for our polemicists.  I also thank you for the letter.  I was just about to write.  Out of the works you have mentioned I do not have „Zur Real. und  Ideal.” and „Über das Pet. Princ.” – these were the ones that stimulated me mentally for some discussion.  (There, where it comes to a positive  filling in of what the original analysis yields).  I have to take it from Tatarkiewicz again.  Though it’s not the same, to read someone else’s book.  I asked the board of the Mian[owski] Fund to send you my “hauptwerk”, which has finally been published.  But so far I have had no news.  I will either insert my dedication separately, or I will send it to you to paste it in.  Unfortunately I am v[ery] poor at writing letters.  I met Metallman in Kr[akow] and I liked him v[ery] much.  As far as “Lit[erarische] Kunstw[erk]” is concerned, I am only on page 100 (precisely 92).  In the past I would have devoured it at once.  But the matter is difficult, and I am only partially interested, because I am done with Aesthetics.  In addition, I am writing a lot, however please forgive me, but essentially (as a nominalist) I do not agree with you on many points.
I enclose my words of respect, affection, and gratitude.

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