Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 03.12.1934

December 3. XII 1934                       NP. [=NS (no smoking)] NΠ [= ND (no drinking)]

Honoured and Dear Professor:

Your letter made me so happy that I howled loudly while reading it. Of course, I agree with your comments and I thank you very much for them, but (1) the marginal inserts are those that are written “on the lap” as in a lecture and then transcribed without the correction marks, and (2) as far as implications I do not know if I am capable of more, but I will try. I am reading „Petitio principii in der Erk[enntis]theorie”.  I have not managed to get to the new matter yet, because I am very busy and I have a lot of troubles – in general the situation is uncertain and I do not know how much time I will have here.  I am moved by the kindness of your letter – I myself cannot absolutely manage to write a meaningful letter. I hope that you will call shortly after arriving to Warsaw and maybe we will see each other (227 – 18 in the morning) (because I do not even know what you look like) and I will attempt at least a part of my “affectionate and essential” revenge (because at that time in Torun I was completely drunk).  I dream of [painting] your portrait to express my gratitude – this is my only way. If you are so kind I would like to ask you to send the manuscript by registered mail: Ed. Jerzy Braun, Wieliczka, Legionow Street 4, for which I s[incerely] apologize.

I enclose my words of deep respect (I am glad that you even exist), affection, and gratitude.