Letter from Felix Kaufmann written 09.10.1934 (a)

Dr. Felix Kaufmann
Vienna, XIX.
Doblinger Hauptstrasse 90                                                    Vienna, October 9, 1934




Privy Counselor
Professor Dr. Edmund Husserl,
Freiburg i/Breisgau.



          n              Honorable Privy Counselor,

          n              To my delight, Professor Ingarden reported to me that you are in the best of health and excellent mental condition. Him telling me about his time with you made me painfully aware that I have not been able to see you in a very long time.
n              It was quite interesting to hear that Mr. Ingarden discussed, as he intended, the question concerning the publication of your various unpublished manuscripts. This is an issue I care deeply about. I think that the solution to this problem, insofar as it relates to financial matters, requires very broad funding and therefore, I would primarily consider English and American, and secondly French and Japanese (Otaka), support. Admittedly, the fact that the works could initially only be published in the German language to avoid facing unreasonable efforts and costs presents an obstacle. I would recommend you discuss this issue with Professor Morris whom you will surely find utterly aware of your significance. The idea of founding an international phenomenological society would be highly desirable with regard to (but not only because of) this task.