Allowance for academic work written 15.11.1927

PUBLIC EDUCATION                 v             v                            v           To

WARSAW,         v             v             v             v                       Dr Roman Ingarden
15 November 1927       v             v             v              Germany, Marburg/Lahn/Frankfurterstr.
VN.12011/27.             v             v             v             v             v                Kiessel. 26-II.

In replies, reference should be made to the above number.
Allowance for academic work abroad –
Re: letter of 3/11/27.

   v          The ministry informs you that the second instalment of the allowance for academic work abroad, in the amount of 1500 (one thousand five hundred) zlotys, has been allocated to you. This sum is being sent through Bank Polski [Bank of Poland].
   v          You should send acknowledgment of receipt of the allowance (on the attached form) immediately to the Academic Department (ul. Hoża 88). At the same time, the Ministry informs you that it has granted you an additional allowance of 1000 (one thousand) zlotys for the extension of your academic work abroad by two months. The above amount will be allocated to you in January of next year. Therefore you should send, at the appropriate time, the address to which the last instalment of the allowance may be sent.
   v          A report on all work carried out abroad with the help of the allowance from the Ministry should be sent by 1/5/28.
1 encl.

On behalf of the Minister
Department Director



State No. 37961. 8/9/27. 20.000.