Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 19.09.1960

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Date of creation 19.09.1960
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Cracow, 19/9/1960

Dear Władysław,

                       I’m guessing that you’re already in Warsaw. We arrived in Cracow yesterday. We had to give up Oberhofen, because, as the result of an accident on the way to Zagreb (there was a pothole on the Belgrade-Zagreb superhighway in which one of the front wheels became stuck, leading to damage to the suspension), we had to stay there a few days, waiting for the car to be repaired and for the payment of compensation (insurance), which was done through Warsaw (!). As a result, we arrived in Klagenfurt on 15 September, which was the day the meeting in Oberhofen ended. I decided that there was no reason to go there, so finally we returned to Poland, by way of Vienna, where we stopped for two days.

            I am very curious how it was in Oberhofen and would be grateful to you for any news on this subject. I may have to go to Warsaw to clear up the insurance question; in that case we’ll see each other. For now I have to settle various matters here. Iza Dąmbska is said to have developed heart problems and is not completely all right yet; I don’t know whether she’ll be able to start lectures right away. Then[O1]  I may have problems.

                                  Cordial greetings and a possible ‘until we meet again’.

                                                                                                          /signature/ Your Roman



[O1]Oryg. tedy – powinna być wtedy [?] tędy [?]