Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 24.05.1966

Roman Ingarden
Cracow, Biskupia 14

Cracow, 24 May 1966

            Dear Władysław,

                                  I cordially thank you for your beautiful book, which I received yesterday. Today, the first copy of my book Przeżycie ‒ Dzieło ‒ Wartość [Experience ‒ Work of Art ‒ Value], which came out with Wydawnictwo Literackie [Literary Publishers] in Cracow, was delivered. When I receive author’s copies, I’ll try to reciprocate the gift received yesterday.

            I’m glad you’ve returned. Unfortunately, I’m a bit ill; some kind of unpleasant pain in my left knee; as a result, I can’t walk. Lately I’ve been staying in bed, to get rid of it, so I’m not coming to the General Assembly of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Apparently it’s rheumatic, but of course they don’t know what it really is. Next week I’m supposed to get short-wave radiation; maybe that will help.

            I made a sharper print of the photograph (of you) that you wanted. Unfortunately, the film’s damaged and there are numerous scratches on the print. I’m sending it to you anyway, because maybe there’s a photographer in Warsaw who can retouch it[O1] . If not, it won’t be possible to make a print of it for the Commemorative Book, which is a pity, because the picture’s good and vivid, and a strong likeness.

            As for the speech I delivered at your anniversary celebration, I didn’t write it down. I was supposed to say something completely different; I had to rewrite it on the spot, in light of the fact that the previous speakers had already said almost everything I’d wanted to talk about. However, if you want, I’ll write down what I actually said and send it to you, but at the moment I have to stay in bed for a while, and after that I’ll have a great many urgent matters to deal with.

                        Cordial greetings and best regards to your wife


                                                                       Your Roman


x But only to remove damage and not to change your facial expression!



[O1]Wydaje mi się, że [x] ma być tu żeby wskazać gdzie powinna być dodatek