Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 29.01.1961

Toruń, 29 January 1961

                        Dear Roman!

            Thank you very much for your telegram and for your letter of 22 January with the attached offprints, which I read immediately while lying in bed, and finally for Prof. Milewski’s summary, which, as I can tell from the first glance, is very interesting. My flu has already run its course and I suppose that in a few days I’ll return to work as usual. The delay in the habilitation of Dr Gierulanka turned out well for me insofar as I didn’t have to justify my inability to be present. By the end of February, there certainly won’t be any more obstacles.

            We’ve received your payment for Philosophical Movement; there’s no balance due. Thank you as well for the report on the activities of the Cracow Branch, of which I’ve already made use in the new issue of Movement, which recently went to press.

            I wrote recently to Pasenkiewicz asking for obituary dates for the late Witold Galeński. For the sake of certainty, I’d be grateful if you wouldn’t mind (maybe through Mr Leszczyński) communicating with him, or perhaps supplying me these dates as soon as possible.

I included information about the publication of your Untersuchungen zur Ontologie der Kunst under the heading ‘Publishing news’.

            I offer a cordial handshake. Both of us send both of you our best greetings

                                   Your Tad