Letter to Irena Krońska written in 18.10.1965

Roman Ingarden
Krakow, Biskupia 14                        c                c             c           Krakow, 10/18/1965

  c     Dear Ms. Irena,
  c           c     thank you for your letter and sending in the “Preface” for review and revision. I have just read the text rewritten in PWN, I introduced into it those corrections which could be briefly settled and I attach a number of notes that may have to be included in the text by rewriting it or added into the text sent to me some other way – which text I attach herewith, along with my first editorial text.
  c     Thank you for your help with the matter of korunas. In the end I had to use the telegraph and the matter was settled. As a result, I was supposed to be in Warsaw today to pick up the money and go to Prague from there /I do not understand why this money could not be transferred directly to the NBP Bank, into my account in Krakow, but never mind/.
  c     Unfortunately, on Friday I went to my doctor, who has been treating me for several years and who is also looking after me now. Unfortunately – because after re-examination, he advised me not to go to Prague, especially alone, without anyone from my family. He claims, however, that it is not because of some danger I would be in, but so that I feel better mentally. The point is that the hypertension, undoubtedly associated with the fact that I worked too much in the last year, has not yet been regulated, i.e. the blood pressure has not been stabilized, instead quite considerable excitability can be observed. Hence the doctor does not want me to overexert myself, get excited by the lectures, etc. Not wanting to worry my wife, I decided to follow the doctor’s advice and today I canceled my stay in Prague in a letter to Patočka and prof. Svoboda, and at the same time I wrote to Polish Society of Authors and Composers Zaiks asking if they could hold on to my money for now. The passport insert is valid until December 23, but I probably will not be able to go this year, maybe in the spring. Subjectively I feel quite uncertain, although there are no more pronounced symptoms. Anyway, I was examined by two neurologists, and had my cholesterol checked and all test results were good.
  c     We have been quite concerned about Gierulanka’s accident, she was hit by a car, but luckily, she was only hit and not run over. As a result, she got through with just bumps and bruises and avoided any fractures. She has been in the hospital for 10 days and is supposed to be released home by the end of this week; she seems to be feeling well. But she was given two more weeks of leave at the Jagiellonian University, she still will not be able to work as a researcher for a while. Therefore, compilation of the index to Idea will be somewhat delayed, but I do not believe it is an urgent matter yet.
  c     I also try to work less. But I cannot tell if it will help much. You just grow old and you cannot help it. Today I received the Vollume II of German Controversy. This concludes the work on this publication and the aspiration I have had for years is hereby realized. Were it not for pater van Breda, who prevented its release by Nijhoff in The Hague in 1957, it would have been out a few years ago. Although the German text was not ready back then. And I think the current text is better than it was then. I have a copy for you, maybe I will send it to you by post, because at the moment I do not plan on going to Warsaw. Anyway, today I wrote to inform that I will not be coming to the meeting of the Institute of Philosophy on Wednesday.

   v      c     Cordial greetings







In addition to what I have inserted in the text sent to me, the following comments should be taken into account:

1. Page 1 note, v. 10
   v        If you cannot leave Edith Stein /which I think should be done/ Please write: E. Stein.
2. p. 2. v. 2-3 from the top
    v        Please insert the original title ‘Krisis der europäischen Wissenschaften und die reine transzendentale Phänomenologie’.
3. page 2. text from the bottom
   v        Can’t you leave Idea I?
4. p. 5. v. 2 from the top
   v        After “examples” insert “completed and thus ”
5. p. 6.v. 3 from the top
   v        Instead of “Post-war” insert: After the First World War

6. p. 7. v. 4 from the top
   v        Instead of “those” insert: the aforementioned
7. v. 6 from the top in the footnote insert:
   v        ++ In Krisis der europäischen Wissenschaften … “and also in Phänomenologische Psychologie” / Husserliana IX /.
8. p. 9 v. 1. from the top
   v        After the word “later” insert: “hitherto announced”
9. Page 9 v. 11 from the top
   v        I don’t like “petitione”. Maybe we could change it to
   v        “Which is inevitably burdened by petitio principii”?
10. p. 9. from the bottom v. 0-3.

Edit the sentence:
   v    “Distinguish between so-called eidetic reduction and transcendental reduction. The first is the condition for the error-free practice of eidetic ethical and material ontologies, the second is to create access. ”
   v    At the end of this sentence in v. 1. from the bottom, add:
   v    “There is no doubt for me that Husserl indeed used eidetic reduction in all his ontological research, only he did not distinguish it conceptually and terminologically from transcendental reduction.”