Letter from Irena Krońska written in 07.08.1947

Sceaux, 8/7/1947

Dear and Honorable Professor!


 c    Thank you for your last letter. I hope that the issues with Professor’s trip have already been cleared up, and I hope to see you soon.
I have recently seen Mr. Werl, one of the editors of Critique, whom I was referred to by Mr. Koyré. He wants a Paper on “Controversy” for revue, but he would like it to also take into account Professor’s entire body of work. I have not started writing it yet, because I am overwhelmed by work, but either way I promised Mr. Werl to deliver it in August or September. It would be great if Professor could bring along Kunstwerk and Cognition, maybe some other things, I would refresh my reading, at Nationale I can only access what was published in Jahrbuch.
 c    As for logic in “Controversy”, you do not explicitly speak about it, but I have the impression that it is assumed in order to obtain “positive” moments that do not necessarily “jump out at you” from the analysis. As I believe we will be able to talk more in person, I shall keep this problem for a discussion when we meet.
 c    We are still exhausted from the heat wave of unusual intensity that has passed through Paris. The weather is mild now, but the body still remembers.

Looking forward to your reply
Our cordial regards and devotion

Irena Krońska