Letter from Stefan Morawski written 08.05.1964


           Dear Professor,
             Today I have finished the reflections on your work (in the master’s seminar). Of course, it was just some select issues, but I devoted 4 seminars to you. Please accept this as proof of my vivid memory of you and, of course, my continuous learning from your XXX, even if just by opposition. Influences are always written about straightforwardly, and yet in the scientific and philosophical world influences by opposition are equally important. Perhaps XXX had this in mind when referring to Hegelian Aufheben.
    However, I am not writing in order to recklessly philosophize on this single piece of paper. I am writing to ask you for a specific thing: for your Amsterdam paper for “Aesthetic Studies” vol. 2. For this volume I am collecting, among others, any significant Polish papers. “Studies ” Vol. 1 will be coming out in September. Please wait patiently for the money; it is a small sum and that is why they will probably only provide it in the fall, I think. If you would like to expand your paper in Polish, please do so.

Cordial greetings
    Stefan Morawski

P.S. I heard that you are not in best health. Best wishes that you can get rid of these “physical annoyances” quickly.