Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 31.12.1965

Chocimska 35


Dear Roman. Thank you very much for your letter and wishes. In return, on this last day of the year, I hope that the year that begins tomorrow will be a creative, healthy, and successful one for you. And, most importantly, that fate may give you health, because when it comes to other things, either we no longer care about them or we’ll strive for them by ourselves.
n     I have a detailed list of the topics of the Uppsala Congress – and I’m sending it on to you.

   I deeply regret that I didn’t know about your possession of a document appointing you, in 1937, a member of the Comm. Aesth. (I, naturally, lost mine in 1944); I would gladly submit it at the meeting in Liège. But maybe you can send a photocopy to Souriau?
n        The sub-editor from Ossolineum came to see me with the typed manuscript of the third volume of History of Aesthetics, so now I don’t have any business in Cracow, or any pretext to go there.
n        I was in Toruń for a doctorate. I didn’t see Czeżowski, who was in hospital following an operation. Elzenberg is in hospital in Warsaw, in poor condition.
n           I myself, in terms of health, have good periods and bad, which XXX repeat to myself that ‘old age is no joy’. Fortunately, my head works no worse than it ever did.
n          Once again, good wishes and cordial greetings to both of you dear people from both of us.


       n                                                                             WT.