Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 18.05.1956

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Date of creation 18.05.1956
Related places Cracow, Warsaw
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Rkp 1529

Cracow, 18/5/56


Dear Władysław,

                               thank you for your letter. I hasten to inform you that the meeting at the faculty of Architecture has been, at the request of Prof. Z, postponed until 6 June. I’ll try to postpone the meeting at the Crac. Br. of the Polish Philosophical Society until the 30th. In any case, it won’t take place in your absence. If it isn’t possible otherwise, it will take place later than June, and thus either in July or even in autumn. Maybe we’ll see each other soon. I received a message today summoning me to the meeting of the Board of the Polish Phil. Soc. on the 23rd of this month. Maybe you’ll still be in Warsaw. That’s all for now. I send you cordial greetings.

I attach cordial congratulations on your election to the Polish Academy of Sciences.

                                                                                                              /signature/ Roman