Letter to Kazimierz Twardowski written 25.03.1924

Toruń, 25/3/1924.



            Most Honourable Professor!

            I hereby send my application for habilitation along with my curriculum vitae. I’m sending the printed material separately by post, a total of 14 pieces. Unfortunately, in a significant number of cases, I no longer had any offprints to dispose of, so I’m sending the appropriate issues of the various publications. I didn’t know whether these various odds and ends, reports and so on, were also needed ‒ but just in case I’m sending everything I’ve had printed connected with academic work. Among reports or polemics, I regard all publications related to Chwistek as necessary. I’m afraid that here Mr Steinhaus[O1]  may intend an attack on me. Therefore, let my articles serve as witnesses to the truth ‒ the manner in which I wrote to Chwistek and in which he wrote to me (in the last Rev., I was again attacked in a very civilised way; of course, I’m just letting that pass).

            The application for nostrification of the doctoral degree includes the doctoral diploma and matura[O2]  certificate. Whether or not my birth certificate is also there, I don’t recall, but it’s not here with me. Just in case, I’m also writing to the parish in Cracow so that my certificate will be sent to me. In that case, I’ll send it to you without delay as soon as I receive it.

            I’m currently busy translating my dissertation into German; I’ve already got nearly half of it ready.

I enclose expressions of profound esteem

                                                                                                               Roman Ingarden



[O1]Prawdopodobnie Hugo Steinhaus (1887‒1972)
[O2]Notatek tu potrzebny