Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 11.02.1967

Date of creation 11.02.1967
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            Dear Roman, Thank you for your letter of the 6th of this month. It’s good that you have all of those papers, even though they weren’t even required in this matter, because it’s quite simple. It’s essential that you write to Souriau, because the Committee meeting won’t be held any time soon. ‒ The list of members of the old committee made me very melancholy ‒ how few of us are left! (With us things are not going well either: Elzenberg is very ill; and did you know that Ms Znamierowska had died?)

            The examination date you suggested is impossible for me, because 8.III I’ve got a lecture here at the Assoc. of Art Hist. But is my presence indispensable? The defence and the examination can take place without one long-distance reviewer. If I was needed, it’d be right after Easter. Anyway: we’ll talk on the 18th when you arrive. Cordial greetings