Letter from Irena Krońska written in 07.06.1955

  v     EDITORIAL COMMITTEE         c                        = Warsaw, June 7, 1955
of the Library of Classics of Philosophy
  v         v            at
the National Scientific Publishers PWN    v                         v 

     Roman Ingarden

L.dz.232/LCP/55            c                                          c               Krakow
  c                                          c                                              c =  Biskupia St. 14 apt.15


  c                          Honorable Professor,


  c                          I confirm the receipt of your letter from the 3rd, with thanks. I am writing you back in a great hurry as I am leaving for Zakopane for two weeks. There will be a Committee meeting on the 29th, and the Cartesian meeting will be taking place the day before /invitations to both attached herewith/. Point 3 of the meeting agenda refers mainly to the issue of publishing /or possibly not publishing/ Krokiewicz’s translation of the Enneads. The translation is ready. We have received the first Ennead as a sample, a copy of which I send attached with a very kind request for Professor to read it, so that you can express your opinion at the Committee meeting.

  c                          Since the meeting on Cartesian matters is coming up, it will be excellent help that Professor will have already read a large part of Burman.

  c                          As for Kant, we will rectify the harm done to Mrs. Suchorzewska, we will send her an appropriate letter, not to mention that we will certainly be putting her name in the book. Prolegomena is in the plan for 1956 alongside the reedition of Metaphysics of morality.

  c                          We will discuss everything in detail in Warsaw. Now, unfortunately, I must finish, as I still have a lot of to do before leaving.


My deepest respect
  c        and most cordial greetings
  c                           I Krońska
  c                                       Irena Krońska


Unfortunately, I cannot “attach” X here since no copy was avilable. You will receive it in a few days directly from Toruń as we have sent one over there before (for Prof. Elzenberg who in the meantime left for vacation and left this typescript with his neighbors).

  c                    I believe I have caught, or still have, the flu again. Maybe Zakopane will help me. I am going with Myzia, I will be staying at Helena.