Letter from Jan Patočka written 03.12.1966

Author Jan Patočka
Date of creation 3.12.1966
Related places Prague
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Subject matter personal issues

Hošťálkova 103
   n         Prague

3 December 1966


   n  Dear Professor,
   n  Thank you for your heartfelt condolences about my poor beloved wife, who left us just when we seem to be on the verge of rather better, more peaceful times.
   n  As regards my involvement in the translation of your work, I have done all that I was able to. I do not view it as a favour to be thanked for, but as both an honour and of benefit to me, because the more intimately I become acquainted with your work, the more it enriches me.
   n  I am sorry to hear about the poor health you mentioned in your letter, which has prevented you from coming to Prague on a number of occasions. I am also often starting to feel the effects of my age, but [Greek].
   n  I hope, nevertheless, to be able to see you in Prague soon. Thank you once again.


   n     n     n     n     n     n        n     n  n  Yours devotedly,

    Jan Patočka