Letter to Irena Krońska written in 21.06.1966

Krakow, Biskupia 14             c                    c                    c                  c     Krakow, June 21, 1966

     c      Dear Ms. Irena,

     c                  c         I am attaching the plan for the selection of Max Scheler’s writings, which was compiled by Węgrzecki, MA. Węgrzecki, who has been working on Scheler’s theory of man and anthropological philosophy for two years, so he knows his way around his philosophy. I think he can produce a good translation. He writes simply and clearly. The plan seems good to me. I would only skip the paper in Vorbilder und Führer suggested by Węgrzecki at the last minute. Not because I have doubts about the contents of the paper, but I can already imagine what our censorship would do with Scheler /as it talks about “Führer”/. The papers I once translated are not on the list, as it would be a shame to repeat what has already been done. But both of those are also noteworthy.
     c      I think that Węgrzecki’s translation will be in any case better than that by Joanna Piasecka, which is outrageous.
     c      Maybe this plan could be submitted at the next meeting.
     c      I still feel unwell. Nobody knows what is going on, especially with these temperatures.

Cordial greetings and bows
For you and your daughter