Letter from Henryk Mehlberg written in 11.06.1947

Warsaw, 11/6/47


   c       Dear Honoured Professor!

  c   I’m glad that Łopatyńska’s (not Apatczynowa’s!) translation came out so well. As for Ms Willmann looking over my article, of course, I’d be very glad if it happened; however, I don’t suppose there were any more serious omissions there. However, I don’t know what happens with the fee in this case. If it went for about 1,000 zlotys, I wouldn’t have any reservations. In this case, however, I’d like to get the proposed corrections before the 2nd round of proofs. I haven’t received the first yet, and I’ve written to Poznań about it.

Recently I spoke with Mr Neurohr, who’s returned from France. He arranged a shipment of letters through a Belgian friend, who was supposed to transport it personally. Thus I believe that everything’s all right. Unfortunately, N. himself was transferred to a different position and is leaving the country soon.
I learned from Mr Barboy two or three weeks ago that the matter of your trip will be settled favourably. However, I didn’t ask him then whether it was with or without an allowance, as I had the impression that you’d given that up in advance. I’ll bring this matter up at the next meeting and inform you without delay.
  c   Would it be possible to ask you for Merleau-Ponty’s Phénoménologie de la Perception [French: Phenomenology of Perception] for one month, preferably for July? If you yourself have an opportunity to send it to Warsaw (or Łódź), I’d be greatly obliged. Irrespective of that, I’ll try to direct someone to you in this matter.
  c   During the holiday I’m going to work on the second part of ‘Positivisme et Science’ [French: Positivism and science] with a view towards placing it in the next volume of Studies [Studia Philosophica]. Do you have any specific plans in connection with this volume (IV)?

  c   I enclose expressions of genuine esteem and cordial regards

H Mehlberg

My wife thanks you for remembering her and sends her best regards