Letter from Irena Krońska written in 01.07.1965

c      EDITORIAL COMMITTEE          c                     c               c                Warsaw, July 1, 1965
of the Library of Classics of Philosophy c      c      c      c         c             c Miodowa St. 10
c      c      c      c   at   c      c                    c      c
the National Scientific Publishers PWN

prof. Roman Ingarden
Krakow Biskupia St. 14


     c          Dear and Honorable Professor,

     c          we are really sorry that Professor could not be present at the Committee meeting. – On your behalf I presented the project of selection from Bolzan’s Wissenschaftslehre – it was approved. As for the translation, prof. Znamierowski offered himself as a translator the next day. What do you think about it? In any case, it will be happening next year at the earliest, so we have time to decide.
     c          Mr. Waszczenko – who made a nice and good impression on me – was for now offered a stylistic and editorial compilation of Acenarius’s Der menschliche Weltbegriff /the translation was submitted in full by prof. Wiegner/.
     c          Studies in Aesthetics has been submitted for printing a while back, and, unfortunately, we cannot add anything. – If copies are necessary for the bibliography of works, maybe we could make a photocopy of the relevant part of Philosophical Sketches? Maybe Professor could contact Mrs. Rosnerowa regarding this matter.
     c          I am currently dealing with the most urgent matters at the LCP – and in the evening we I am leaving for Ustroń with Myzia. The weather forecast does not seem to be very optimistic.

My deepest respect
and may you have a great holiday

I Kronska
Irena Krońska