Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 05.02.1958

Rkp 200A

 Cracow, 5/2/58



            Dear Most Honourable Professor!

            I am indeed very sorry that two of my letters to you went astray. I addressed them 1) to the University (KUL), 2) to the Scientific Society of KUL, because I had forgotten your private address. I thought, however, that they would be delivered to you; meanwhile, that didn’t happen. In the first, I wrote a little about the impressions I received when reading your book. It’s difficult for me to reconstruct them today; I can only cordially thank you once again for your kind thoughts and cordial recollection of me.

            As for the ‘book’ for Kleiner: unfortunately, it would be hard for me to set about writing something. These assorted small tasks, constantly renewed, greatly distract me from my proper work, and in fact little use is made of them, whereas the proper work is thereby significantly delayed and made worse. I’ve now started publishing my writings (with Polish Scientific Publishers) and it’s necessary to force the issue, because I don’t know how long I will be able to continue and how long my strength will suffice. At the moment, the second volume of Studies in Aesthetics is ready; today the rest of the prints [O1] were sent to me; thus it will appear in bookstores at the beginning of next week at the latest. In fact, it’s a completely new book, because most of the papers are either new or new editions. But this is just the beginning. There will now be an entirely new edition of The Controversy about the Existence of the World and Volume III of Studies in Aesthetics, with, inter alia, a Polish translation of Das literarische Kunstwerk, and then a series of volumes of various works. All of this is more important than this sprinkling of trifles from all sides, which, however, take much of my time. Please, then, forgive me for not taking part in the ‘Book’ – as pleasant as it would be for me in other respects. I have my lecture in Cracow memorised – I had only some notes,[O2]

            I attach best regards to your wife and cordial greetings for yourself.

                                                                                               /signature/ Roman Ingarden



[O1]Nie wiadomo dokładnie co znaczy wydruków w tym kontekście
[O2]Brak końcówki zdania w oryginalnej wersji