Postcard from Henryk and Józefa Mehlberg written in n.d.

Dearest Professor! I hope that this Christmas card finds both of you in good health and well-being. I’m very glad that your unbelievably rich creativity is slowly crystallising into one tremendous monument – and that it’ll be available to anyone who speaks a world language. Is your fourth volume (on causality) ready? In Stanford, I established contact with Mr Runge and, while acknowledging his good XXX and erudition completely, I arrived a priori at the conviction that certain fears that you professed in this connection were unfounded, because they concern a thesis from a different genre. As for me, I’ve decided to devote these two years to a book about the foundations of the philosophy of atomic science; the authorities are asking for a few words and are giving me almost complete academic freedom from teaching during this time. With expressions of reverence. Me


With Best Wishes
for Christmas
the New Year. [In English in the original; probably pre-printed on the card]

Józefa and Henryk Mehlberg