Letter from Stefan Morawski written N/D 3

Dear Professor,

It turns out that my alarm might have been exaggerated. I would just suggest removing 16 lines (I took the appropriate words or sentences in square brackets).
The article is nice and interesting. I completely agree with you regarding the ‘Einfühlen’ case.
Please do not be upset at me for suggesting that you still make it more “concentrated”. Because some expressions are still typical of oratio recta, and when reading it gives the feeling that the text is a transcript.
One could, for example, give up the German footnotes, the content of which you describe almost word for word in the text anyway. The whole is now – as I have counted – 22 and a half pages.

    n   Once again, please, do not let your Jupiter face get overcast…
  n     My intentions were – and are – most friendly, if I am allowed to say it that way.

  n       StM