Letter from Konstanty Michalski written 05.01.1944

Sichów, 1/5 /1944

  n       Dear Sir,

Yesterday I was read your kind, because I was in bed after holidays’ work, where I had to talk a lot and listen to many confessions. Today I am already back on my feet and I would like to return the favor for your last letter.
  n     I have no idea what paths the previous letters went and in where they got held up, I can only express my regret that they failed to reach me.
  n     Your joy is my joy; therefore, I was delighted to hear that Romek is alive. What could this poor man have experienced in that distant isolation? This should not be the reason for you to give up on the sister. Romek was found, and I am sure so will Justyna. I am writing back immediately to congratulate and express my wish that we share the joy about this common cause.
  n     I am extremely pleased that you keep walking tirelessly along your chosen path and leave signposts for philosophers at the beginning of XXX XXX in such important matters, because these are the basic considerations.
  n     I have received a brief message about my library yesterday. It is located outside under the third arch. It would be best not to disturb things for now, and if something comes up to threaten the situation I will immediately take action and try to prevent any misfortune from happening.
  n     There is an unspeakable strength in us to survive and adapt to life. Al. Of you are a great example example of that, everyone seizes what is closest and valuable to them. A heartfelt thanks to your Missus for remembering me and I wish for her sons to give her so much pride and happiness that she can say to them, repeating after St. Paul: corona mea et gaudium – may God keep bestowing you with the same resourcefulness and healthy attitude, which has never disappointed you until now.


Yours truly
Fr. K. Michalski