Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 12.01.1937


Warsaw, 12/1/1937

Dear Honoured Colleague,
     n       n       n  Cordial thanks for the kind letter and for the clarifications concerning the points that seemed to divide us. Separating the epistemological and psychological positions on one hand, and the formulation that the literary experience in ‘certain of its phases’ is aesthetic on the other, contributes, as I think, to the reconciliation of our points of view. However, I’m not finished with your book; I had to put it aside for a certain time, because the mess, comprising a thousand editorial, administrative, university, and all sorts of affairs, with which I currently have to deal doesn’t lend itself to concentrated reading. I’ve had an application for a review for [Philosophical] Review, but I’d like to write it myself.
     n       n       n  I’m glad to have received your permission to print the essay on Greek aesthetics in Studies [Studia Philosophica]. I’ve given it to the translator, who promised that it’ll be ready by 1/2. I don’t know him well enough, though, to know whether he’s reliable.
     n       n       n  I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to remind you of the review of Fr Pastuszka’s book that you graciously promised. If you can’t prepare it for February, then we’ll place it in the third issue, because the second is dedicated to Descartes. Or perhaps, for this Cartesian notebook – as we said in Cracow – you’ll have even a minor contribution. I wrote recently to Ajdukiewicz asking what the participation of Lviv (which, after all, initiated this issue) would consist of, but haven’t received an answer yet. So far I’ve been promised papers from Wąsik, Chmaj, Żółtowski and Czajkowski.
     n       n       n  One more thing: if, in my previous letter, I expressed myself as if I sensed a certain injustice in your polemic with me, it means that I expressed myself unfortunately, because I sensed – and could have sensed – nothing of the kind. My essay in Marchołt, if it didn’t change the position expressed in the Academy’s announcement, did, I think, state more clearly what, indeed, seemed ambiguous in that announcement.

     n      n       n  I attach a cordial handshake
     n      n       n       n       n       n       n       n       n  Wtatarkiewicz