Letter from Konstanty Michalski written 11.03.1938

Krakow, 3/11/1938

     n    Dear Lord,

I am just about to go to a conference for academics in a few moments, but before I do that I would still like to send you my sincere thanks, because in the morning I received a postcard with the promise that books from Niemeyer would come and I have just received them a moment ago. I am very grateful to you for sharing a piece of your knowledge, XXX in the writings and kind words in the postcard.
 n    I had immediately sent a copy of my work to Mr. E Gilson: hence I think he is getting a copy for the new seminar. From the sales point of view, it will be better to send a duplicate, because historians are sure to buy more copies as soon as they learn that they can be purchased separately.
 n    I would like to ask for 10 copies of my work for myself, one of which I would like to be sent straight away to the following address: Warszawa XII, the Dominican Order, Fr. Professor Jacek Woroniecki – without a receipt for him – and one copy of Studia Philosophica with a separate receipt for the Seminar of Christian Philosophy, Krakow, Collegium Novum /University, Dean’s Office for the Faculty of Theology/.
 n    I can only write this much as not to delay, but I do not know if it will be legible.

Best regards
 n    Fr. Konstanty Michalski