Letter from Karol Irzykowski written 04.03.1936

Warsaw 4/3/1936


v    v    Honourable Professor!

v    I’ve received your letter and parcel; thank you very much for this; this shortcut will facilitate my introduction to your book, which for me is still and always will be the South Pole. Communing with literature generally makes me feel stupid and superficial.
v    As for the date of your lecture, it’s now impossible in March, because we’re having a reception for Goetel, whereas for April, we’ve already scheduled prosecutor Rudnicki, our legal representative, with a lecture on censorship. Thus we’ll somehow postpone it for now. I don’t know whether P.A.L. [Polska Akademia Literatury, Polish Academy of Literature] will still be arranging something in May. Perhaps, in view of this, you’ll initiate the summer holiday season for us.
v    I like all three of your new philosophical topics; the topic of ‘aesthetic experience’ seems to interest our academics least, because they shun aesthetics. However, many people are occupied with the question of time, and there’d be a better discussion on this topic. Ms Nałkowska especially is very interested in you and expects a great deal. But ‘Man and reality’ also promises, at least from the title, to be interesting. After all, this is also a literary topic, although poets treat it differently. I don’t see Tydzień Polskie [Polish week] here.
v    Thus we’ll leave it at this: you’ll think of something for us, and at the beginning of April I’ll let you know whether we’re going to invite you during the current season.

With profound respect
v        and greetings

  v    v    v    v    v    v    v    v    v    v    v    v    v        Karol Irzykowski