Letter to Irena Krońska written in 18.03.1966

Prof. Roman Ingarden
Krakow, Biskupia 14                   c                               c                               Krakow, March 18, 1966


Dear Ms. Irena,

   c        c     I called the Krakow Branch of the PWN yesterday to find out what the planned deadlines for proofreading of Husserl’s “Ideas” are. Meanwhile I learned from Rożek that until yesterday “Ideas” have not yet arrived at the local PWN. I was also told that if the first correction were to be ready before this September (as I intend to go abroad for a few months in the first days of September and I would like to have a look at the first proof, or at least be in Krakow to be able to consider any issues that may arise), then the typescript would have to be in Krakow before the end of March. So I am writing to you with a kind request for your gracious intervention in the technical editorial office, so they do not they keep it anymore because it has apparently been stuck there.
   c     I am sorry for the trouble, but I want this book to be realized in a relatively short time.|
   c     I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for to reading my lectures and the commentary. I will only get back to it after returning from Yugoslavia, because now I am overwhelmed with other deadlines.

   c        c        c     Cordial greetings and beautiful bows

   c        c     (Roman Ingarden)