Letter from Irena Krońska written in 31.03.1947

    x                                                             x               x                              Paris, 3/31/1947

Dear Professor!

    x   I would like to confirm the receipt and thank you very much for sending me the exam certificate. I am sorry that Professor had so much trouble with this – and I truly appreciate it. I think it should be fine – it is holiday now, but I will take care of it after Easter.
    x   I replied to Professor’s previous letter about two weeks ago, enclosing the letter and the invoice from the Polish Bookstore. Maybe the Rev. Phil. and Revue de Mét. arrived already?
    x   I am now waiting for Professor’s book – I will confirm the receipt as soon as I get it. I am very curious about it and I will not fail to inform Professor about my impressions.
    x   I went to the theater yesterday for Sartre’s Morts sans sepulture and La … respectueuse – the former is terrible, torture on stage the entire time, the latter worse subpar on stage in comparison to the reading. The images of cruelty and sadism in Morts sans sepulture are nothing but depressing and have no XXX action – and they could not have it, as Sartre the writer remains an existentialist and does not recognize essence. If a good existential novel is at all possible (so there is no evidence for it; only some of Sartre’s novels are actually good), then drama without essence must be bad, because the conflict of existence without a conflict of essence is not dramatic, but rather nauséabonde.
    x   Sartre himself has not published much lately, but there is still a lot of talk about him. Collége Philosophique I wrote about previously continues to operate. In general, its speakers are various existentialists – sometimes some Marxist attacking indeterminism. Louis de Broglie talked about the philosophical aspects of modern physics, indeterminism of course, etc. – so Wahl and his followers enjoyed themselves, and the scene itself of little Wahl and tall and aristocratic de Broglie XXX was very amusing.
    x   I would be so glad if you could come to Paris in June. We have recently seen one of the Philosophical Reviews – it made my heart truly happy. Have Philosophical Studies ever come out? I wonder what they look like.
    x   It has gotten warm in Paris and we are both well (I do not have the XXX anymore). For Easter we will be going to Paris XXX and the Sorbonne – so hopefully the weather is good.
    x   New Revue de Métaph. has not been published yet, but the XXX – XXX issue of Revue Philosophique has come out, with Bayer’s great work “De la XXX eu esthétique”, P. XXX’s “XXX et poésie” and Perelman’s “XXX analytique eu philosophie”. I hope that Professor has already received this volume.
    x   To conclude I am sending Professor best Easter wishes from both of us, our deepest respect, and friendly regards

Irena Krońska