Letter from Anna Teresa Tymieniecka written 06.03.1968


4900 Western Ar.
Washington D.C.

3/ 6/1968

Dearest Professor,
   v     I reckon that you took offense at my letter from last year wherein I defended myself against – in my opinion – unfair and unjustified allegations. If so, please forgive me for making you upset. In fact, it was not worth defending myself, since everyone always sticks with their assumptions and it becomes impossible to come to an agreement. And what is important is the general attitude which, in my case, is always full of admiration for Ingarden’s genius and when lecturing phenomenology, I never miss an opportunity to encourage students to work on your philosophy (I am actually supervising my assistant’s PhD thesis on your aesthetics right now!!!)
   v     I am writing about a specific matter. My colleague J. Kokelmans is publishing an anthology of works in the field of philosophy of physical sciences. He is very interested in your work on causality and would like to include it in this anthology as presenting the contribution of phenomenology.
   v     So it would be good to know: I° is there any work in this area you have already published 2° When is “das Kausal problem” coming out?
It seems a crucial matter to me that your work appears in this anthology, so I am asking you for an immediate response.
[In connection with the views expressed in my ‘Dem Wendepunkt der Phänomenologie entgegen’ – which has been a huge success, someone is always writing to me about it – am putting together a volume of studies on Husserl aimed at an “integral interpretation” of his thought based on his entire body of work, which would go deeper than the previous interpretations and present Husser’s contribution to constitution in opposition to Merlau and Sartre and capture the issues of realism-idealism (transcendentalism) anew, thoroughly, without preconceptions, and on the basis of the entirety of H.’s output.] If you would be willing to contribute personally, it would be highly valuable – (one of my “collaborators” is writing an essay on Husserl’s interpretations; another about your interpretations, etc. etc.)

Once again, I’m sorry if I offended!

Warm greetings to you both from all of us
   v        v        v        v     Teresa