Postcard from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 13.05.1936

Dear Most Honoured Colleague. Thank you most kindly for your letter and for the news about the favourable change that’s occurred in matters connected with the congress; I was very happy about it. As for me, I’m corresponding with members of the committee, but only concerning editorial matters; [Philosophical] Review is supposed to publish the Commemorative Book of the congress. Unfortunately, this matter is very far from clear; I still don’t know when I’m supposed to prepare it. It was basically supposed to constitute the autumn issue of Review, but I’m afraid that there’ll be a long wait for it – Thank you very much for your offer of an art. on Conditional Judgment. I’ll be very happy to place the update. Since the critical part is supposed to go somewhere else, I suppose it won’t be long; as you know, the editorial staff of Review prefer shorter articles. If – as I suppose – the Com. Book of the Congress is ??, I’d place your art. right away in the autumn.
I enclose best greetings


Professor Roman Ingarden
ul. Zachajewicza 7, apt. 8