Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 19.07.1969

Roman Ingarden
Cracow, Biskupia 14

Poronin, 19 July 1969


                Dear Władysław,

                               I cordially thank you for the wishes you sent us for our fiftieth wedding anniversary. Fr Popiel betrayed this secret, which, moreover, was limited to the fact that my children in Cracow came down and that we went to church together for Mass.

                We’ve been in Poronin for two weeks, some two kilometres from the railway. It’s quiet here, not as crowded as in Zakopane, which at the moment is just about unbearable. Unfortunately, the weather has been lousy, although there were actually two beautiful days with wonderful views of the Tatras. Today they’re clouded over again, even though it’s not raining. It’s rather cold, with fresh snow on Lodowy and Garłuch [names of mountains].

                I signed a contract with Polish Scientific Publishers for three more volumes of Philosophical Works, namely the third volume of Studies in Aesthetics, one volume of Theory of Cognition, and one volume of Theory of Language and Basics of Philosophical Logic.[O1]  I’m supposed to send the first of these to press 1 September. At the same time, I’m finishing up the second proofs for the volume Erlebnis, Werk und Wert [Experience, Work, and Value][O2]  which will be released soon by Niemeyer and by Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft [Scientific Book Company].

                As to Czerniawski’s translation, after your first warning I wrote to Jordan; I received the reply that C. is now teaching philosophy (he’s at Oxford) and that J. doesn’t expect it’ll be so bad. Unfortunately, one way or another, it’s not ready yet, although it was supposed to be by 31 December 1968; but he’s also translating something for Prof. Harrell.

                I’ve applied for a passport for the 4th Colloquium of phenomenologists in Schwäbisch Hall; maybe afterwards I’ll go to Heidelberg too. I wrote to the president about Dąmbska; Pater Van Breda [O3] is also interested in this.

                We’re coming back to Cracow on 1 August. I may have to be in Warsaw in connection with the matter of my passport.

                Cordial greetings and best regards to your wife and yourself from both of us

Your Roman



[O1]Nie wiadomo czy są tytułami książki czy artykułów, czy po prostu ogólnymi tematami.  Książki: kursywa.  Artykuły: ‘ ’  Tematy: nic, bez dużych liter.  Basics też może być Principles, Foundations, Fundamentals
[O2]wymienione w bibliografiach jako Erlebnis, Kunstwerk und Wert [Experience, Artwork, and Value]
[O3]chyba Herman Van Breda (Husserl Archives) – pater, w tym przypadku = Ojciec lub Fr [???]