Letter from Henryk Mehlberg written in 15.02.1948

Wrocław, 15/2/48


      c                Dear Honoured Professor!

    c     We were joking quite a bit yesterday, during the ceremony honouring Twardowski, about the fact that you weren’t among us. In addition to commemorative papers, there was also a scientific part that brought some benefit. The announcement of your arrival is a compensation of sorts for your absence, which we felt so regrettably, and in this connection I’m taking the liberty of turning to you with a certain somewhat personal request: since, on 5–6 March, I’m supposed to be in Poznań, and I necessarily wish to be here during your stay, I’m asking you to please choose another date for yourself. Easter holidays start here on 21 March.
    c     Given this opportunity, I give here the exact wording of the title of the paper I’d like to place in [Philosophical] Quarterly: ‘Idealizm i realizm na tle współczesnych teoryj fizykalnych’ [Idealism and realism against the background of contemporary physical theories]. While assuming the possible necessity of sending it in mid-March, I’m counting greatly on a three-week delay.
    c     I enclose cordial greetings and expressions of due respect

H Mehlberg