Postcard to Kazimierz Twardowski written 07.02.1925

Date of creation 7.02.1925
Related places Lviv, Toruń
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Field philosophy



Most Honourable Professor!

            I apologise for not replying to your kind letter at once; at the time I received it, however, I was occupied, and afterwards it was hard for me to find a free moment. I cordially thank you for sending the overprints. I’m inordinately pleased to get them, because this way I’ll be able to inform at least some of my friends about the new paper. Thanks to your extraordinary kindness, this will be done in a very clear, transparent manner. For the sake of accuracy, I wanted to point out only that I received 20 offprints, whereas you mentioned 50. I expect you’ve kept the rest for your own use, but if by chance the remaining copies were lost on the way from Lviv to Toruń, you can use this information to file a complaint. I finished the article on philosophical journals; I’m just now rewriting it. Immediately upon completing this paper, I’ll write the article about Mr Mysłakowski’s book. I’ll refund the costs of sending the offprints with postal stamps in the next letter. I enclose expressions of the most profound esteem and cordially thank you once again

                                                                                                               Roman Ingarden