Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 17.05.1958

Toruń, 17 May 1958.


            Dear Roman!

            Thank you very much for your letter of 29 April, for the offprint from TTN[O1]  with the nice inscription, and for the photographs, which my wife immediately added to the collection of family portraits. Thank you also for the promised picture of my wife, whenever you can have it developed and printed. Ms Gardzielewska doesn’t have the photographic print for you yet, but she promised me that she herself will send it to you next week.

            I think you’re correct in remarking that the offprints from the TTN reports should bear the dates of the meetings at which the papers were presented. These dates are given in the Reports jointly for all the papers from one meeting; transferring them to individual offprints involves typographical difficulties. I’ll raise the issue at the editorial meeting and maybe some suitable solution will be found. In Philosophical Movement, each personal summary is given separately along with the date, and that’s the way it will be on the offprints.

            I wasn’t able to attend the meeting of the Library of Classics of Philosophy in Warsaw because I was in Wrocław at the time and I found the invitation only after returning home. I haven’t been in Warsaw for a long time; I’ll probably be there on 31 May at the planned meeting of the Pedagogical Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where I was asked to give a lecture on the subject of correlation in the teaching of logic and mathematics in high schools. We’re looking forward to your arrival 21‒22 June and of course we invite you to see us; you’ve already paid your dues with the lost umbrella and this time your trip is going to come off smoothly.

            So much in response to your letter, and now, first and foremost, best wishes on being elected a full member of the Polish Academy of Sciences ‒ you’ve had it coming for a long time now! This will greatly facilitate relations.

            I’m reading the papers from the Book for Tatarkiewicz, then handing them over to be retyped, and I expect to finish this task very soon now. Then I’ll have the whole thing put into a decorative binding; I’d like it to be in leather. It would still be necessary to add some kind of preface from the Committee; therefore I suggest that all of you in Cracow arrange and send one within a short time. I think the presentation ceremony should be held on his name-day, i.e. 27 June; I would try to get there for it. Perhaps the Committee would like to set the date and programme of the ceremony. As you predicted, Docent Morawski sent two works to choose from. I’d like Elzenberg to decide which one to choose, but his condition is still such that he doesn’t feel like looking at them (he’s still in hospital and in a plaster cast). One is entitled ‘The Aesthetic Views of K. Libelt’ and is a new elaboration of an earlier piece; the other, ‘The Aesthetic Views of J. Ankiewicz (1820‒1903)’, is a modest contribution about which the author himself writes, ‘the article is short, and probably, due to the derivative character of Ankiewicz’s aesthetic considerations, unremarkable’. Maybe, then, the first paper should be chosen, even though it’s written in a not particularly pleasant tone.

            Today I got your card of the 14th of this month, and I thank you for the news that I’m on the list of attendees of the Congress in Venice. I’ll write to Tadeusz right away, so that my place can be given to someone else, because in my condition, healthwise, I can’t risk a trip involving such a radical change in food. I haven’t even managed to send a message to the Files of the congress as I intended, because I’ve got too much work with Philosophical Movement (we’re already done with the first proofs; this will be a double or maybe even triple issue) and with various other current matters. I won’t even mention my correspondence backlog, something I can’t cope with.

We send both of you the best regards
and cordial greetings




[O1]Toruńskie Towarzystwo Naukowe [?]  Nie pasuje dokładnie do nazwy w poprzednich liście.  Ang: Toruń Scientific Society