Letter from Anna Teresa Tymieniecka written 07.06.1969



  c    Dearest Professor,
Please forgive the “pushy” tone of my previous letter: I wrote it in a rush while moving to another house (and Henk was in Paris), so my head was in chaos.
  c    I am writing to give you some important additional information on our congress in Waterloo. So, 1° I founded “The International Husserl and Phenomenological Research Company” which will organize another, similar congress in Boston in 2 years (Sept. 1971). I am already starting to prepare this congress and I hope you will be there.
  c    2 ° With this company I will be publishing “Husserl’s Yearbook” (a resurrection of Husserl’s “Jahrbuch”!) And that essay on Husserl to which you kindly contributed part of your lecture from Scandinavia on transcendence in Husserl’s thought – which is already finished – will come out as the first issue of this “Jahrbuch”, I have just sent it to Nijhofff. How would you like me to title your essay? The tentative one I gave it is “Die verschiedenen Sinne der ’Transzendenz’ bei Husserl”. If this title does not satisfy you, please let me know and I will amend it in the new version. [As you can see the management of the phenomenological movement is gently being passed into other hands than those of Louvain and Kolonia ….]
(The 2nd issue of Jahrbuch will be devoted to the activities (i.e. the lectures and the discussions) of the Congress in Waterloo)
  c    I am intending to visit you on Easter. I will come with my Ludwiś who studies in Freiburg.

Heartfelt regards – Teresa