Letter from Konstanty Michalski written N/D 2

 n     For Prof. Ingarden!

 n     Dear Professor,
I do not know how it will end for me. If it were to end forever here on the earth, I would like to say goodbye to t you as a sincerely kind man and almost a friend. I do not like confessions of the heart and therefore let that be enough.
I have a request for you.
A dissertation on Dante, which I do not consider to be finished, has been left in my green case.
The entire work has two chapters and five issues are decisive in it. You can find it in the Polish introduction before the French translation.
R.I. The French translation of the first paragraph should be reviewed with the Polish text on hand. Fr. Weissman from the Silesian seminar could be helpful in figuring out the layout of the Polish text, because he was the one who typed out the first and second paragraphs for me: in the worst case it can be left like that, although I would write it differently today.
The second issue got a bit jumbled in the text I wrote in a state of fatigue; it would require more concentration.
Chapter II. first issue. The difference between scientific and literary work according to Dante. For convenience I am using the term scientific work in accordance with the definitions of the four senses of Scripture. For both in Scripture and a scientific work, the literal meaning is presented differently from poetry – according to Dante, I provide examples of interpretation of the four senses by XXX, Hugh of Saint Victor, Saint Thomas / unfortunately it was not logged and got lost – / This is a hist I, II – at the very beginning, XXX, not I, but 10. Probably his only text on four senses obtained from the Theological Seminar It is also quoted in XXX. The other ones, by the way, (XXX Dante XXX) are on my desk or the couch. After the first formulation of Dante’s ideas, it should be broken off and, instead of the foregoing French text, what I wrote in Polish should be inserted: page 12, I think.
Resolving issue 2 should start with the poor (it turned out this way because of exhaustion) Polish text where there is a reference to Dimostrazioni and XXX of XXX and then move on to the French text which has variously supported Polish equivalents. The end should include a note on the influence of the thought of St. Augustine / De quantitate animae /, St. Bernard and, finally, the large impact of that of Richard of St. Victor on XXX. Issue 3 is to refer only to ecstatic cognition. This paragraph is a little wordy in the French text and it should be polished.