Letter from Bogdan Suchodolski written in n.d. (3)

Dear Roman

I’ve been told that you’d like me to send you the text of my dissertation. The difficulty is that 2 copies have been transcribed, one of which goes to the translator while the other stays with me. Of course, if you wanted only to review it, I’d willingly send it to you, but I wouldn’t give it up permanently, since in the future, when the issue of publication in a Polish book is decided, I’ve got to have 2 typed manuscripts for the assessment Committee. Accordingly, write me as to whether I should send it as it’s being transcribed or only after the transcription has been completed. Perhaps I’ll have the opportunity you had in mind. Nor is it out of the question that over the summer I could arrange it myself (or something similar) – but that’s still to be decided. I’ll write you. I’m glad to have seen you, even for a moment – and think that nevertheless you’ll consider a stay of a few days in Warsaw. I’m looking forward to it – please come