Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 07.04.1966

Cracow, 7 April 1966

Dear Władysław,

            I wasn’t able to say goodbye to you, because immediately after Kolakowski’s speech, during the ‘glass of wine’, I went to the station, as I had a ticket for the express.

            I came away with the impression that your anniversary celebration was very nice and that everyone liked your concluding speech very much, although it was very sad. I, unfortunately, necessarily had to speak last, to the point that my predecessors had already exhausted all of the topics; there wasn’t much left for me, and it was impossible to reiterate, especially since my predecessors had spoken for a fairly long time. I liked Żółkiewski’s speech best.

            With the approaching holiday, I’m sending you and your whole family best wishes for a peaceful Easter from both of us.

            I was supposed to go to Sarajevo on the 18th, but in the meantime I found a telegram here postponing the congress until autumn. Therefore, as of now, I’m not going anywhere. I fancied going to Paris for Pentecost, for the 250th anniversary of the death of Leibniz, but it would’ve been too expensive for me; I have to save my foreign currency for Copenhagen, where I’d like to go with my son and granddaughter, and then to Paris, in order to work a little bit there.

            I send cordial greetings and best wishes for a pleasant trip abroad. When you see Aler[O1] , say hello to him from me and ask him when the Congress Files are going to appear. The Polish text of my lecture has already appeared; in the near future it’ll also be reprinted in a book entitled Przeżycie – Dzieło – Wartość [Experience ‒ work of art ‒ value], for which I’m actually working on the second set of proofs, and I intend to publish it in German as well, in a book entitled Kleine Schriften zur Ästhetik [Short pieces on aesthetics].

                                                                                                    Your Roman



[O1]Może ta sama osoba jak Ales w innych listach? Nie znalazłem żadnego odniesienia do Ales lub Aler