Letter from Konstanty Michalski written 15.03.1938

Krakow, 3/15/1938


     n    Dear Sir,
In the last letter I asked for you to arrange to send 1 copy of my work to Father Woroniecki (Warsaw XII, the Dominican Order) and 9 copies to me. Since I have not received anything, I am afraid that Father Woroniecki did not receive the promised parcel either. I do not need those prints instantly, but I would very much ask you to send Woroniecki one copy, because he needs it for a work he is preparing for print.
     n    As for XXX, they are always sung at XXX Masses, regardless of whether it is about one or many people, and the difference only appears in other liturgical prayers.
     n    I am seriously getting down to the work for Łempicki. I believe that religious attitude, while undergoing changes, is linked in history with the general psychological attitude of societies. Nowadays, wherever the idea of the collectivity dominates the idea of the individual, there appears a tendency of a social nature, also in religion, in a way that it can either be limited to a given attitude or influence the approach to the subject of worship itself: differently in the Third Reich, differently among the Soviets, and one should also include XXX into the comparison.
     n    Would you please be so kind to take a look at Hering’s work and see whether he does not deal with similar issues somewhere in the introduction? Because we will also need to take into account attitudes in democratic countries such as France and England.
     n    It worries me that my letters always bring some kind of troubles: especially now when spring is coming it should not be this way.

Best regards
     n    Fr. Konstanty Michalski