Postcard from Stefan Morawski written 26.08.1965

Dear Professor,

     n          Dr. Krzemień sent you a letter late because he was rewriting articles sent to him. Your package (the Amsterdam paper) did not reach its destination because he went on vacation. I came back on 24th and only now have I read your text and both letters. So much for the postal operations. And now for the substantive matters.

     n          1) It seems to me that your paper does not completely answer the articles sent X. So I would prefer to hear your answer directly. I will be of course waiting for it until 11/10.

     n          2) As for the Amsterdam text, I suggest an alternative solution. Either your answer, if not too long and composed in the right way, can be printed as an “attachment” to the argumentation – then it will come out in vol. 3. Or – please let us print the whole paper in vol. 4.


St. Morawski
Chair of Aesthetics
Warsaw Univ.

It is upsetting that you are in Warsaw, and yet I cannot find you. Dear Professor, do you know my phone number? I am providing it just in case: 10-82-94.

     n  Cordial greetings and best regards

P.S. Vol. 2 will be available in bookshops by the end of the month.

Prof. dr.
ul. BISKUPIA 14/m. 15