Letter to the Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy written 12.01.1954


      v        It is hereby certified that J. Gałecki, PhD, has submitted the next installment of the translation of the Critique of Pure Reason, edited by R. Ingarden, with the translator’s annotations, namely pp. 131-260. Hence in total he has already submitted five-sixths of the full translation. The remaining part from pp. 161 to 290 is currently in edition, as the translator only submitted it to him on 1/10/1954.
      v        It is also certified that Gałecki, PhD, has performed his task with the same diligence and accuracy as the previous parts and that his work is useful for the translator of the aforementioned work. Therefore, he is eligible to receive the royalties due to him for the already delivered parts.

       v        /prof. Roman Ingarden/
Head of the department of German philosophy
      v  On the Editorial Committee of the LCP



Prof. Roman Ingarden                    v              v              v                 Krakow, 1/12/1954
Head of the Department of German Philosophy
at the Editorial Committee of the LCP


To the Editorial Committee of the LCP
      v          in WARSAW
        v              v        Krakowskie Przedmieście St. 79


      v        I attach herewith a certificate regarding the work of J. Gałecki, PhD /cf. my letter dated 12/10/1953/. Mr. Gałecki has so far submitted 5/6 of the entire typescript of the translation of Kant’s Criticism of Reason and may receive the remuneration for those parts.
      v        At this opportunity, I would like to point out that if Gałecki, PhD, has not yet delivered the last part of the manuscript of the translation he has been reviewing, it is only due to the fact that I could not give him that part, pp. 161-290, on time. The reason for it was my health problem.
      v        I would also like to report that between 16 and 31 January I will be taking a leave at the University of Warsaw /I have recently submitted the relevant application/ and I intend to go to Zakopane to rest. It would be very important to me that no meetings of the Editorial Committee take place, and that it would not take place during that time, until the beginning of February, if possible of course.


/prof. R.Ingarden/