Letter from Konstanty Michalski written 21.12.N/D

Sichów, 12/21

    n    Dear Sir,
Prof. Kowalska has been announcing your arrival at your sister who resides here over and over again, she has also announced a visit from Ms. Maria Dąbrowska, but it ended in nobody coming to Sichów, and only Mr. and Mrs. Kowalski moving permanently to Warsaw, only threatening that they would still show up here. As to why I am writing about this: I had expected that I would receive a letter and, myself, send a warmer, more extensive reply.
  n    I am sure you remember my apartment in Stradom: neither my furniture nor my books or manuscripts are there any longer. It is now at XXX XXX, and I do not know what will come of it in the end. I do not know yet what state my library is in or if the manuscripts met with a catastrophic fate. However, it would not be right to feel sorry for oneself when others have suffered far more and more severely.
  n    In the countryside assaults add variety to the stay, but, thank God, I have not yet been affected by anything of the sort.
  n    Prof. Kostrzewski from Poznań appeared here in Sichów once, and then Mr. Labuda, a capable historian, who got married not long ago to the margravine of Wielopolska, also came around. I also met a relative of yours, Mr. Saski, in my area.
  n    The light fading from m eyes makes my work and life increasingly difficult, and I do not wish to kill my eyesight completely, which is why I work slowly, very slowly, because there is no reading help around for me. I am constantly proposed to write this and that – well, I would love to, only who will help me do that?
  n    Professor F. Bujak wrote to me once, addressing the letter Krakow Stradom, but providing no return address for himself. Do you know if he still lives at Dlugosz St.?
  n    Have you received any news regarding your Sister and your Son?
  n    I wish you a cheerful Christmas first, and then a happy, very happy year –

    n    Yours truly
Fr. Konstanty Michalski