Postcard from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 24.11.1936

Date of creation 24.11.1936
Related places Warsaw
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24.XI 1936
Honoured and Dear Professor:
Thank you very much for your cards. For the love of God, please do not take “pity” on my letter and response: I can wait as long as it takes.  Terrible things have manifested themselves in my correspondence with Cornelius.  I would like you to look at this controversy “on the traverse” of idealism.  Wie kann man ein erkenntnistherretischer Idealist sein ohne ein Ontologischer zugleich werden, das kann ich nicht kapieren. [How can one be an epistemological idealist without becoming ontological at the same time? I cannot understand that.]
I am already in Warsaw in a state of deep depression.
I enclose words of respect and affection to you and your wife. F.G. [family greetings]
I haven’t seen any of the philosophers here yet.  I’m writing  about this state of being for itself, but it is a very difficult thing.



Dr. Roman Ingarden
Prof. U.J.K.
Zacharjewicz St. 7 apt. 8