Letter to Kazimierz Twardowski written 19.08.1919

Warsaw, 19/8/1919
Jasna 32. apt. 2.
as of 1/9: Złota 41. 1st floor



Honourable Professor!


            In the attachment, I’m sending the report on Volume III of Phenomenological Yearbook for Movement [i.e. Philosophical Movement]. Unfortunately, it’s turned out to be perhaps a bit too long, but it wasn’t possible to shorten it without losing all of its value. In particular, I had to discuss the paper by Ms Conrad-Martius in some detail. However, as a last resort, it might be possible to divide the report between two issues of Movement. Moreover, I’ve placed some of the less important paragraphs in brackets marked in blue pencil. These paragraphs might ‒ if there’s no other solution ‒ be omitted. I’d prefer, however, that the report could appear as it is, in full, and in a single issue. As for the report on Volume II and on several things by Max Scheler, I’ll send them this autumn. Now I have to take care of other things, and in any case not everything can come out in a single issue. Initially I also wanted to write a short article for Movement about the main aims of phenomenologists, but when I started writing, the thing grew on me, so that a bigger article will emerge from it, one which I can perhaps place in Movement or use in some lectures on this topic.

            In a few days, unfortunately, work begins at school. Therefore once again I’ll be unable to devote all my time to philosophy. But too bad; one has to live somehow. Nevertheless, I think I’ll manage to finish my work on the petitio principii paper this autumn.

With expressions of true esteem

                                                                                                                  Dr Roman Ingarden