Postcard to Kazimierz Twardowski written 28.07.1933

Żegiestów, 28/7/33.


Most Honourable Professor!


First of all, I apologise for leaving Lviv without saying goodbye to you beforehand. However, I decided to leave rather suddenly, and then I had to finish certain things before leaving, so that I ran out of time. In any case, I left mostly for the sake of my boys, who were very unhappy at having to spend their holidays in Lviv. I’ve been in Żegiestów since Monday and will probably stay here until 10 August. I suppose that the matter of the Polish philosophical bibliography can be settled within a short time after that date. In any case, up to my departure I hadn’t received any message from Dr Kuhn[O1] ; I left the address at home, so if something comes, the post office will send it to me. Immediately following my return to Lviv, I’ll call on you for the material, which until then will probably be in your hands. It’s very nice here and the weather is good. I bathe every day in the Poprad; it’s rather difficult for me to work, but I think that a rest is more important right now. My wife and I send you and your wife our best regards and expressions of profound esteem and respect


Roman Ingarden

[O1]Helmut Kuhn (1899‒1991)