Letter to the Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy written 28.02.1953

Date of creation 28.02.1953
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Prof. R. Ingarden         c         c         c         c         c         c         c  Krakow, 2/28/1953 L/4/53
Krakow, Biskupia 14


 c         The Editorial Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy
    c  at the State Publishing Institute
    c  WARSZAWA, Krakowskie Przedmieście 79


Dear Ms. Irena,

         c         c         c  I just got your express letter, from 2/24 with the Warsaw post stamp from 2/26/1953. I wanted to send you a list of the already discussed terms, but the lack of time has not allowed me to do it until now. I made a copy of the notes I took during my conference with you on 2/21 /I added two terms that we did not discuss at the end of it/ – you can find it attached. Meanwhile, I am continuing my work on Ethics. Mr. Dańcewicz’s corrections are generally good and I accept them, in any case the places he pointed out need some consideration, even if his suggestions are not always accurate.
    c         c         c  I think that if prof. Kołakowski was willing to consider the matter and put the appropriate corrections on his copy soon, it would speed up the entire process. I shall send the text with my and Dańcewicz’s corrections soon. There are still many suggestions for minor changes aimed at bringing the Polish text closer to the Latin version.

Cordial greetings and bows